My Tools to Get You a Better Career, Now!


What’s in my toolkit? Lots of things.

My tools are powerful, but only when they are used the right way.

That is why I really care about understanding YOU before suggesting an action plan.

So what are you waiting for?


Skill overview Workshops

Learn and practice key career skills in a group setting. Skills covered may include resume writing, interviewing skills, job search strategy, and developing a compelling professional narrative.

Career exploration & Assessment

Investigate your passions, strengths, and weaknesses and explore what career paths will set you up for both success and fulfillment.

Confidence and storytelling

Develop more poise and confidence in how you talk about yourself. Develop your professional narrative and story, and practice to embody your story and shed imposter syndrome, which kills confidence.

Individualized skill development

Work with me 1-1 to hone key career skills that need improvement.

Making yourself marketable

Learn to think like a marketer. Highlight the right parts of your experience, and frame yourself strategically. Your resume, LinkedIn, portfolio, and cover letter should represent your best self.

Strategic Job search support

Work with me throughout your job search. Receive end-to-end support, from your first hiring manager communication to salary negotiation.

Career pivots & up-skilling

Map out a plan for how to shift careers. and implement it with my support. How will you up-skill, network into a new industry, and establish credibility in a new domain?

custom Tools

Is your goal extremely niche? Let’s chat about what tools you need to achieve success.