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Launching your career as a young professional is harder than ever. Everyone has a college degree, student loan debt is soaring, and even so-called ‘entry-level jobs’ want to see candidates with 1-3 years of experience. Loyalty from employers has disappeared, and very few want to invest in someone promising who requires training. That is leaving many brilliant, young people in a deep rut.

Do you feel stagnant in an unchallenging job? Do you know that you’re capable of more, but don’t know how to convince an employer to take a shot on you? Maybe all of this is taking a toll on your confidence, and now you clam up during the interviews that you are getting - so nobody is seeing how amazing you actually are.

There is a path forward - you can get where you want to go. I can help.


My Toolkit

I customize the focus of my coaching based on what you need to be successful. You have your own educational background, professional story to this point, and future goals, so you need a personalized action plan.

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Selecting a Career Coach

Career coaches are not one size fits all. Some coaches help execs at big companies. Others are stuck in the past and don’t understand careers now. An ideal coach for you has deep experience with recent grads and young professionals.

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Stay Updated

There is a lot to think about when it comes to navigating your career. Check out my blog, where I write about the types of challenges that young professionals face everyday and how to begin to work through them.

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There are no superheroes, just us.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

— Shiza Shahid, Founder of Malala Fund