My Background


I have over 5 years of experience recruiting top talent for tech companies and startups. I’ve worked in many hot industries including cybersecurity, fintech, and marketing software.

Although I have hired across seniority levels, I have always enjoyed working with recent grads and young professionals the most. Typically they are the most eager, driven candidates. I can’t help but root for their success - I’ve advised many of them over the years, even those who I didn’t hire. Sometimes all that a new grad needs is some constructive feedback and the support of someone who believes in them. I have taken every opportunity to coach people in my network who have requested some help, and firmly believe in paying it forward even to job applicants who I’ve interviewed but didn’t hire.

I can empathize with the journey of recent grads today. Though I am almost 8 years out of undergrad and have turned 30(!), my journey and those of my peers still reflect what I’m seeing today among 20-somethings.

After graduating from Brandeis University, I quickly realized that my academic pedigree was not valuable currency in this new ‘world of work.’ The skills that got me summa cum laude didn’t get me interesting projects to do, and they weren’t the same skills needed to advance in a professional environment anyhow. On top of this shocking realization, it was strange that my primary metric for success was no longer useful, and scary to have to redefine myself.

After my own period of introspection and exploration, I landed on recruitment and networked my way into an initial role. From there, I built a successful career tech. Now I want to help you.

Let’s move you forward, to better things.