Find The Sweet Spot, Love Your Work!

Remember those Venn diagrams from elementary school? Reptiles vs: amphibians, Harry vs: Hermoine. The sweet spot was the middle, where you wrote what the two things had in common. That was the smaller area on the page, so less white space to fill in for all you kids who hated writing.

Learning to compare and contrast was an important analytical skill, and it can still serve you well even now, long after you stopped sticking crayons up your nose.

How so? Well, consider that many people fall into careers that they excel in, but don't like. Others try to follow their passions, but success remains elusive and they can't seem to get ahead. How do you set yourself up for a fruitful and fulfilling career?

The sweet spot, of course! Consider your passions and interests. Write them down in one circle. Now, list out your strengths in the other circle. Do you see any areas of overlap? Those are a good starting point to brainstorm, and begin charting out your path.

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